With the improvement of Chinese people’s living standard, the types of door & window show diversification. The door & window products made of different material , with various functions and product level can meet different demands of consumers.According to the material classification of  door & window, there are four types in Chinese door & window market, which are aluminum alloy one, steel one, plastic steel one, wooden one and other types such as  glass one with low market share.


China North, Northeastern part and Northwestern part belong to North part. In these areas winter is dry and cold while summer is dry and hot.  Except some central cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Harbin,  the consumption power in this area is not high. The door & window consumption is practical and functional with these characteristics such as good gas-tightness, good insulation and easy to clean.

China East part and China South part:The most developed province and city in China are located in this area. Residences of this area has strong purchasing power. Moreover, quite a few consumers focus on the life quality, therefore,  the premium door & window has large market potential in this area.

China middle part and Southwestern part:quite a few agriculture provinces are located in this area such as Sichan Province and Henan Province. Yunnan and Guizhou are undeveloped provinces in China. The purchasing power in this area is low. The consumption awareness is lagging.  However, the big cities in this area such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming still have certain market potential.

According to Law on the Production License of Industrial Products  and its Detailed Rules issued by China Construction Bureau on door & window, production license system must be carried out in the production of steel window, aluminum alloy door & window, plastic door & window. Enterprises without licenses are forbidden to produce these products. Up to Year 2005,There are 8,509 door & window manufacturers with production certifications in China. Most of them are aluminum alloy door & window producers and plastic steel door & window producers.

Door and window industry has formed a mature industry chain.This industry chain is based on construction projects. The relevant enterprise activities such as design, material and facilities supply, production, installment, inspection, and monitor provide service for construction projects. Eventually,  it forms a large network  which includes developers, material and facilities suppliers, design institutions, construction company and monitoring company and etc.

The industry chain of the premium door & window industry is formed by the upper industries which are design and research institutions, equipment factories and middle./downstream industries which are pattern manufacturers, glass, hardware, glue suppliers and real estate developers. Through a few years of development and competition, Chinese premium door & window industry chain has been initially formed.There are certain vicious competition in the upper industriesThe heterotypic material processing capability is 3.5 million ton/ per year in recent years. While in the view of market real usage amount, the heterotypic material demand is 1.8 million ton/ per year. Due to the large gap between supply and demand, it turns up many bad behavior such as certain vicious competition, more short-term behavior and some instant speculation in the industry. The export amount o this industry is over thousands of tons.






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