As a well-known global enterprise, Canon Company (shortened for “Canon” in the following context) attaches much importance to the satisfaction of customers and the quality of service while at the same time, the leaders of Canon also realize the value of customers’ satisfaction and what it means to a company. Therefore, Canon decided to make a quantitative analysis on the present service quality of offices and judge the factors which should be urgently improved in the service according to the important-factor model. Canon will base on the found-out factors to improve its service quality, maintain and enlarge the scale of its customers. Canon now entrusts us to make a research on the level of customers’ satisfaction to the service of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou offices attached to Hongkong Canon Corp. Ltd.. Canon hopes to achieve the following goals:Confirm the key factors that affect the satisfaction,Determine the present level of customers’ satisfaction,Find out the opportunity to improve the service,Try to find out the way to settle the problems according to the opinion and proposal raised by customers and give the managers some advice.


The survey on the level of customers’ satisfaction is divided into four systems: analysis system, regulation system, improvement system and test system. We will follow the four steps to conduct our survey. The analysis system is not only the most important step of this survey but also the key step to finding out the problem as well as opportunity. We divide the analysis system into three steps: internal analysis, prophase customer test, and quantitative customer research.We telephone the employees of Canon Offices, hoping to look for the factors that affect the level of customers’ satisfaction based on the company’s point of view. Besides, it provides us the guidelines for the next step.

So, we make effective communications with Canon Hongkong Corp. Ltd. and Shanghai Office and bring forward some factors that will affect the level of customers’ satisfaction. The factors are as follows:The attitude of employees when they offer service such as patience, good manners and so on,The capability of employees to settle the problems raised by customers,The efficiency of employees when providing service such as whether they delay the settlement.

we interview the customers of some Canon products and the customers of other electric apparatuses, wishing to inquire the factors which customers think can determine the level of their satisfaction. Through this research, we check the factors provided by the Internal Analysis, find out the common factors, and ascertain the representative indices. At the same time, we also discover some new factors that will affect the level of customers’ satisfaction.

According to the information gathered from the previous research and the original materials (such as product catalogs, prices, retailer’s address), we design the questionnaire (with details in Appendix I) and the recording table of telephone interview (with details in Appendix II). We pretend to be a customer, survey the office employees by phone, quantitatively measure the level of customers’ satisfaction, judge the present level of satisfaction, and discover the advantage and disadvantage of the company.






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