The aim of this project:1. To know the distribution structures for the hosiery industry in China at the retail level.2. sales in both quantity and dollar amount at both high end retail and mass markets.

Strategy about how to entry in Chinese hosiery market 

The scope of work to achieve this aim:

1.Statistic data This kind of information is mainly about overall and macro index at industry level,such as general output of the hosiery industry,general revenue of all firms in the industry.This will be get from state statistic departments.

2. Information about large high-end retailers(choosing 5 biggest retailers) The name list of main large high-end retailers in Chinese market will be get also from state statistic depoartments. But the detail information about these firms(such as their market share, financial conditions etc) have to get by depth interviews with corresponding experts who know the details. This part of work is costing.

3. Clarification of the mass hosiery markets in China Local large mass markets will be clarified and ranked and the first three or five biggest mass markets will be analyzed in detail including market capacity, overall demanding, market segmentation etc.

4. Typical distribution channels for hosiery-socks to the retail market        To complete this point, two ways are conducted:one is to analyze the basic informatin of the industry to get some ideas of what the typical distribution channels for hosiery markets should be liked;two is to Make some phone calls or e-mail inquiry or face-to-face interviews to those stores to see how they make hosiery-sock purchases.






工作时间:周一至周五 9:30-18:30