Through investigating and studying the China petroleum & chemical industry and the leading corporations, to analyze the investment environment of the China petroleum & chemical industry and seek cooperative partners, and to provide advice on the production of ethylene, polyethylene, PVC and polystyrene etc. in China for SABIC.

Petroleum & chemical industry research for SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

  1. Research Content

(Focusing on the four kinds of products——ethylene, polyethylene, PVC and polystyrene etc. in the industry.)

6.1 Industry Status Research

6.1.1 Industry Orientation

  • Industry Character
  • Associate Industry

6.1.2 Simple Industry History and Evolvement of Mostly Economy Technology Guideline

  • Simple Industry History
  • Mostly Economy Technology Guideline
    • Number of Corporations
    • Number of Practiced Personnel
    • Total Assets
    • Quantity of Produce and Sales
    • Value of Produce and Sales
    • Profit Quantum
    • Gross Profit Rate
    • Profit Rate

6.1.3 Industry General Situation

  • Corporations Listing
    • Listing of Well-know Manufacturers in the Industry

﹡ Name

﹡ Address

﹡ Area

﹡ Connection Mode

﹡ Economy Composition

﹡ Registration Time

﹡ Number of Practiced People

﹡ Number of Technique Personnel

﹡ Total Assets

﹡ Capital

﹡ Annual Sell Revenue

﹡ Annual Quantum of Profit

  • Listing of the Former 20 Firms According to the Guideline

(Compositor Guideline:

﹡ Throughput

﹡ Output

﹡ Sell Volume

﹡ Sell Revenue

﹡ Total Profit

﹡ Gross Profit Rate

﹡ Stock Structure)

  • Kinds of Productions
    • According to Production Ultimately Purpose
    • According to the Ranking in Any Sorts
  • Raw and Processed Materials Provide
    • Primary Kinds, Ranking and Prices Change of the Raw and Processed Materials and the Main Factors Affecting the Prices Change
    • Purvey District Distributing, the Principle Purvey Bases and Storage Change
    • Purvey Fashion of the Raw and Processed Materials and the Tightness with Providers
    • Development Posture, Restrict Complications and Stimulation Complications of the Raw and Processed Materials Providers
    • Influence of the Raw and Processed Materials Purvey Change (Output and Prices) on the Industry
  • Production Complexion
    • Change of Throughput, Start Working Rate, Output and Production Value Near Three Years in the Industry and Next Three Years Development Trends Forecast
    • Productivity Distributing (Occupying the Share of the Whole Country

Markets Calculated According to the Guideline of Throughput, Output

and Production Value)

  • Presently Quality Control System and Operation Process
  • Quantitative Measure of the Centralization Extent of the Industry Production
  • Confirmation and Analysis of the Industry Production Scale or Conformity Domino Effects
  • Relations of Investment Scale, Production Scale, Production Efficiency, Production Quality and Economy Beneficial Effects
  • Production Packaging Analysis
    • Packaging Materials, Specification and Corresponding Industry Standard
    • Collocation Characteristic of the Packaging Products Line
    • Proportion of Wrappage Prices to Finished Products Prices
  • Preservation and Transportation Mode
    • Deposit Ability of the Raw and Processed Materials and Finished Goods
    • Deposit Periods and Composition Peculiarity of the Depository
    • Transportation Form
    • Proportion of the Preservation and Transportation Cost to Products Prices
  • Profit Level
    • Total Profit Level Change Near Three Years in the Industry and Forecast of the Development Trends Next Three Years
    • Chief Ingredient Influencing on the Whole Profit Level
    • Difference and Reasons of Enterprises Profit Level that Divided by Proprietorship

﹡ State-owned

﹡ Collectivity

﹡ Privately-owned

﹡ Stock System

﹡ Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Capital (Single and Joint Ventures)

﹡ Foreign Capital (Single and Joint Ventures)

  • Important Economy Technology Guideline Analysis in the Industry
    • Average Output, Production Value, Turnover and Profit Quantum for Enterprises
    • Per Person Output, Production Value, Turnover and Profit Quantum for Practiced Personnel
  • Core Competition Capabilities of Manufacturer Analysis
    • Core Competition Capabilities Confirmation
    • Basic Element and Course of Figuring Core Competition Capabilities
    • Methods of Acquiring Core Competition Capabilities

6.1.4 Technology Status

  • Technology Standard, Technology Actuality and Technology Development Trends
  • Present Using Equipment Status in the Industry
  • Proportion of the Produce Equipment to Fixed Assets Investment
  • Produce Equipment and Technology Level’s Influence on Production Scale, Production Efficiency and Products Quality

6.1.5 Industry Competition Community

  • Proportion to the Markets Whole Dimensions Fractionalized through Management Characteristic or Competition Manner
  • Enterprises Amount, Enterprises Scope, Management Pattern, Mostly Client Target and Near Three Years Average Profit Level for Every Competition Community
  • Core Competition Capabilities and Obtained Nature for Every Competition Community
  • Main Representative Enterprises for Every Competition Community

6.1.6 Industry Policies

  • Superior Director Departments
  • Correlated Management Departments or Associations
  • National Industry Collectivity Evolution Programming
  • Bulwark of Entering and Exiting the Industry
  • Preferential Policies and Obstruct Policies
  • Industry Policies Pulse

6.1.7 Influence of China Entering WTO on the Industry

  • Incidence and Impact Degree on Domestic Provides and Prices of the Raw and Processed Materials
  • Intimidate Grade on Domestic Manufacturers
  • Domestic Enterprises’ Response Strategy

6.1.8 Collectivity Appraise

  • Existing Problems in the Industry
  • Industry Progress Foreground
  • Investment Chances Estimation


6.2 Industry Markets Status Research

6.2.1 Markets Scale

  • Near Three Years Markets Capabilities (Amount/Sum) Change in the Industry and Development Trends Forecast Next Three Years
  • Near Three Years Markets Demand Change in the Industry and Next Three Years Development Trends Forecast
  • Markets Demand Pullulating Rate and the Reasons
  • Near Three Years Sell Volume and Sell Quantum Change and Next Three Years Development Trends Forecast
  • Supply and Demand Relations and the Major Infection Diathesis

6.2.2 Markets Subdivision

  • Subdivision Markets Divided on the Basis of Products Kinds, Products Machining Extent, Sections or Other Key Equations
  • Capabilities of Each Subdivision Markets
  • Characteristics Of Each Subdivision Markets
  • Capability Of Each Subdivision Markets Change (Amount/Sum) and Next Three Years Development Trends Forecast
  • Consumptions Frame and its Change Trends for Each Subdivision Markets

6.2.3 Products Kinds

  • Output and Production Value of Each Products Kind and Grading
  • Sell Volume and Sum of Each Products Kind and Grading
  • Prices System of Each Products Kind and Grading
  • Products Kinds on the Basis of Prices
  • Output and Production Change of Products of Each Price
  • Sell Volume and Sum Change and Markets Share of Products of Each Price
  • Development Trends of Each Products Kind

6.2.4 Products Sales, Dealers and Operation Pattern of the Sales Network

  • Products Sales Radius and Chief Extent Distributing
  • Products Sales Channels, Proportion of Each Channel and Development Posture
  • Principal Dealers and Zone Distributing, Undertake Products Extension and Markets Shares
  • Dealers’ Management Points, Middle Margin Proportion, Payment Cycle and Payment Discount
  • Promotion (Fashion and Impression) Finished by Dealers or Dealers and Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers’ Depending on Dealers and Dealers’ Depending on Manufacturers
  • Management Characteristics and Effects of the Sales Network Founded by Manufacturers Themselves
  • Dealers’ Management Strength and Profit Competence
  • Relations between the Sales Networks and Manufacturers Profit Competence

6.2.5 Consumers Behavior

  • Consumers Purchase Characters Analysis and Consumers Colony Fractionalization
  • Each Consumer Colony’s Specific Characters
  • Main Purchase Reasons and Main Factors Stimulating the First Purchase Actions of Each Consumers Colony
  • Consumptions Periods and Main Factors Stimulating Repeating Purchase Actions of Each Consumers Colony
  • Consumptions Actuality and Change Trends of Each Consumers Colony

6.2.6 Brands Domino Effects

  • Main Brands Listing in the Markets
    • Brand Name
    • Manufacture
    • Markets Share
  • Main Brands Markets Shares Change Near Three Years the Causes
  • Condition Complications of the Markets Share
  • Contrast Analysis between Brands Domino Effects and Prices Domino Effects

6.2.7 Imports and Exports Instances

  • Forming Causes, Actuality and Development Trends of Domestic and Foreign Commerce Rampart
  • Near Triennium Imports and Exports Gross/Total Value Change and Next Triennium Change Trends Forecast
  • Near Triennium Every Products Kinds (Including Raw and Processed Materials) Imports and Exports Quantity/Cost Change and Next Triennium Change Trends Forecast
  • International Markets Supply and Demand Status Alteration
  • Major Countries and Areas Distributing for Imports Exports
  • Essential Imports and Exports Enterprises Survey and the Share of Imports and Exports Value to Total Imports and Exports Value
  • Imports and Exports’ Affections on Domestic Manufactures and Markets
  • Non-normal Imports Trade’s Impression on the Domestic Markets

6.3 International Markets Status Research

6.3.1 Foreign Industry Status

  • World Markets Scope
  • World Markets Supply and Demand Situations
  • Primary Yield Countries Produce and Sales Amount/Quantum and the Primary Products and Markets Concentrate Degree

6.3.2 China Petroleum & Chemical Industry’s Station in the International Markets

  • Chinese Markets Share in the world
  • China Imports and Exports’ Influence on the World Markets and the World Markets’ Influence on China Imports and Exports

6.3.3 Primary Enterprises if Foreign Petroleum & Chemical Industry

  • Former 10 Enterprises Listing of the Foreign Petroleum and Chemical Industry Arranged According to the Guideline

(Arranging Guideline:

  • Throughput
  • Output
  • Sell Volume
  • Sales Revenue
  • Profit Rental
  • Gross Profit Rate)
  • Above Mentioned Former 10 Enterprises Analysis
    • Charters
    • Mostly Superiority and Inferior Position
    • Business Development Situation and Pulse in China

6.3.4 Differences of Domestic and Foreign Leading Enterprises

  • Raw and Processed Materials Supply
  • Production Mode
  • Products Packaging Tache
  • Preservation and Transportation Tache
  • Sales Tache
  • Finance Tache
  • Administration System

6.4 China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Leading Enterprises Research

6.4.1 Essence Information

  • Name, Address, Registration Time, Capital and Practice Investment Quantum
  • Enterprises Progress History and Actuality
  • Enterprises Main Business, Main Business Revenue and Change Trends
  • Enterprises Organization Compose, Embranchment Frameworks and Overall Personnel
  • Enterprises Chief Stockholders and Investment Proportionment
  • Relations with Local Government and Benefit Policies Enjoying
  • Presently Problems
  • Expanding Layout

6.4.2 Raw and Processed Materials Supply Tache

  • Main Raw and Processed Materials, Origin and Providers
  • Raw and Processed Materials Providers Instances and Relying Grade on Them

6.4.3 Produce Tache

  • Throughput, Products Kinds/Combination, Output and Production Value
  • Products Characters
    • Quality Standards
    • Packages
    • Specifications
    • Prices
  • Produce Setup Distributing and Produce Flow Intercalating
  • Technique Personnel Scale
  • Now Existing Equipment Status
  • Produce Technique Craftwork and Innovation Faculty
  • Now Using Quality Control System and Operation Process

6.4.4 Products Packaging Tache

  • Wrapper and Specification
  • Package Product Line Collocation Specialties
  • Proportion of Package Cost to Products Prices

6.4.5 Preservation and Transportation Tache

  • Deposit Capability of Raw and Processed Materials
  • Deposit Periods and Storehouses Distribution Characters
  • Transportation Mode
  • Proportion of Deposit Cost to Products Prices

6.4.6 Sales Tache

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Products Selection Strategy
    • Distribution Strategy
    • Prices Strategy
    • Promotion Strategy
  • Sales Network, Sales Channel and Sales Superiority Regions
  • Sell Volume, Sale Revenue Change Trends Forecast
  • Close Grads with Dealers and the Chief Dealers General Situations
  • Beneficial Conditions for Each Grads Dealers
  • Exports Channel and Major Markets
  • Number and Proportion, Prices Differences for Sales in Domestic Markets and Exports
  • Sales Administration Mode Summary

6.4.7 Finance Tache

  • Near triennium Financial Report Forms
  • Finance Proportion Analysis
    • Transformation Ability
    • Assets Management Ability
    • Liability Ability
    • Profit Ability
  • Cost Analysis
    • Cost Constitutes
    • Diversification Analysis
  • Down Position Products Contribute
    • To Total Revenue
    • To Profit Amount
  • Revenue Policies
    • State
    • Locality

6.4.8 Enterprises Core Competition Abilities

  • Administration System, Human Resource, Distribution System and Core Team
  • Business Model Summary
  • Compare between the Economy Guideline and Industry Average Standard

6.4.9 Compare Superiority and Inferior between the Mainland Enterprises and the Single/Joint Ventures at Every Tache

  • Raw and Processed Materials Supply
  • Production Tache
  • Products Packaging Tache
  • Preservation and Transportation Tache
  • Sales Tache
  • Finance Tache
  • Administration and Human Resource Mode

6.5 Investment Suggestions

6.5.1 To Provide Suggestions on the Investment Mode about the Production of Ethylene, Polyethylene, PVC and Polystyrene etc. in China for SABIC, and Give Relevant Analysis and Compare

6.5.2 To Provide Suggestions on the Choices of Joint/Cooperative Partners and Detail Joint and Cooperation Modes (above Three Kinds), and Give Relevant Analysis and Compare






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