The key objectives of the proposed research are to provide a comprehensive overview of the broadband market in which Worldview would eventually operate. This research will enable Worldview to optimize its decision-making and strategic planning for developing China market opportunities to their fullest potential. This research services are providing accurate and up-to-date information in the broadband access solutions market in the China, as well as the recommendations on market entry strategies.

Worldview Technology Asia Pty Ltd. China Broadband Access Market Analysis

The project will be undertaken and coordinated by GOLDSTONE research team. The GOLDSTONE research team relies on its own internal researchers as well as the resources of external expertise who work exclusively with GOLDSTONE on various projects.

GOLDSTONE will also consult with senior policy advisors and government officials at various levels and at various times throughout the project in order to verify its information and analysis.

Primary company research will be conducted through personal interviews with appropriate personnel from the target companies. Interviewees will mainly come from, but not be limited to, the senior level management. Where possible, or deemed necessary by GOLDSTONE, information obtained through these interviews will be cross-referenced by personal interviews with regional headquarters senior management in the direct reporting line.

Information amassed through government sources, online databases and other secondary research sources will be submitted to cross checking and verification wherever possible.

Final conclusions and recommendations will be those of GOLDSTONE by using qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, static-state analysis and dynamic analysis.

  1. Report outline

4.1 Executive summary


  1. 2 China national information infrastructure
  2. 2. 1 Telecommunication network
  3. 2. 2 Internet system
  4. 2. 3 CATV network
  5. 2. 4 Telecom services market
  6. 3 Overview of China broadband access market
  7. 3. 1 Present market status
  • Market size of broadband access network
  • Broadband access solutions
  • Demand and supply of broadband access equipments
  • Major customers of broadband access equipments
  • Pricing
  1. 3. 2 Forecast
  • Market potential
  • Market trends
  • Technology trends
  • Pricing trends
  1. 4 Business environment
  2. 4. 1 Macroeconomic environment
  3. 4. 2 Policy, administration and regulatory environment
  • Current regulatory regime
  • Industry policy of access network construction in China
  • Access network construction plans
  • Regulations of access network equipment in China
  1. 4. 3 Intellectual property protection
  • Legal system
  • Enforcement
  • Key issues for IPR protection in China
  1. 4. 4 Changes projection under WTO entry
  2. 5 Competition analysis
  3. 5. 1 Market share, positioning and strength
  4. 5. 2 Key competitive factors
  5. 5. 3 Top five market players
  • Company background
  • Technology
  • Manufacture capacity
  • R & D capacity
  • Profitability
  • Core competencies
  • Major customers
  • Recent activity
  1. 6 Market opportunity analysis
  2. 6. 1 Market opportunities assessment
  3. 6. 2 Market risks assessment
  4. 7 Market access
  5. 7. 1 Barriers to market entry
  6. 7. 2 Market entry strategies
  • Possible entry strategies
    • Introduction to different entry strategies
    • Strengths and weaknesses of each entry strategy
  • Recommendations on entry strategy
  1. 7. 3 Potential partners
  2. Deliverables

GOLDSTONE will submit a report identifying major events in the Chinese broadband market and potential key entry strategies Worldview should consider in developing their core business strategies.

Bound hard copies and soft copies of the documents will be made available to Worldview upon completion of the study. Upon request, a presentation of the results will also be made to Worldview at GOLDSTONE’s offices in Shanghai.






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