With the commitment of SAMSUNG CORPORATION CHINA HEADQUATRER, carrying out the survey , which will be the basis for checking and evaluating the current situation of terminal ports management system in China and reference for extending the appliance software of SAMSUNG.


Research Object,18 Terminal Ports with 100,000 Annual Throughputs in China.

Research Purpose,Through investigation for the terminal ports in China, we will track, survey the current situation of terminal ports management system in China and then do some corresponding analysis and advice to and provide the basis for extending the appliance software of SAMSUNG.

Survey Scope,Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Dalian, Ningbo, Zhongshan, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Nanjing, Nantong, Shantou, Zhangjiagang, Yantai, Lianyungang and Yingkou.

  1. Research Contents

5.1 Basic Information

5.1.1 The Name of the Terminal Port(Chinese/English)

5.1.2 Operator The Name of the Operator Background of the Operator

5.1.3 Location (City/Country)

5.1.4 Contacting Ways Address Contact Person Websites

5.1.5 Annual Throughput (1998、1999、2000、2001)

5.1.6 Total Area

5.1.7 Terminal Type

5.1.8 Primary Lines

5.1.9 RDT Terminal Wireless Equipment

5.1.10 Way of Transport(Rail or Truck)

5.2 Rate of Cargo

5.2.1 Occupancy(Vessel/Week)

5.2.2 Rate of Export Cargo

5.2.3 Rate of Import Cargo

5.2.4 Rate of T/S IM

5.3 Primary Calling Shipping Corporation

5.3.1 The Nation of the Corporation

5.3.2 The Name of the Corporation

5.3.3 Other Information about the Corporation

5.4 Yard Layout Drawing

5.4.1 Block Specification Block Name Maximum Slots Maximum Rows Bay Number Row Number Usage(Export only,TS only and etc.) Facility(RTG block,S/C block and etc.) Yard Position

5.4.2 Berth Specification Berth name Berth Depth Berth Length Berth Height

5.4.3 Bitt Specification Bitt Name Bitt Length Position

5.4.4 G/C Specification G/C Name Boom Up Speed Position(from bitt,to bitt) Average G/C performance per hour Width(Left/Right) Loadable Weight Limit

5.4.5 Yard Equipment Specification Yard Equipment data

  • Yard Crane
  • Straddle Carrier
  • Reach Stacker
  • Top Handler
  • Side handler
  • Folk Lift
  • Others Maximum Passing Tier Maximum Stacking Tier

5.4.6 Gate Specification In/Out Gate Name In/Out Gate Number

5.5 Terminal Operation System

5.5.1 Information of Terminal Operation System Model Using Condition Name of Suppliers Life Time of the System

5.5.2 Terminal Operation System Changing Plan

5.5.3 Evaluation of Different Products

5.6 Data Base O/S Specification

5.6.1 Data Base Server Model Name of Suppliers Life Time Changing Plan

5.6.2 Data Base Manage System Model Name of Suppliers Life Time Changing Plan

5.7 Corresponding Analysis and Advice

5.7.1 Basic Analysis Market Condition Market Potentiality

5.7.2 Basic Advice






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