The Guangzhou-based shoe company comprises several brands whereas the market research only shall be ascribed the one covering the domestic market. Via Market-Research image and business situation of the company/brand shall be examined and analyzed. An external survey targeting consumers and industry stakeholders of shoe industry.

Joergensen associated (shanghai)Co. ltd. Survey on consumers and industry stakeholders of shoe

The target is to determine an accurate picture of the company in terms of its existing position in the market. Further more the target is to establish a good understanding of the company’s opportunities to develop their business in the Chinese market as a wholesaler/distributor and/or retailer (franchiser) of fashion shoes.

The company’s aim is to become an important shoe brand for young Chinese consumers. The core value is to deliver its customer a well-priced value for money shoe by following the latest in  international shoe fashion.

One or all of the following cities Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and chongqing. As the shoe company’s HQ is located in Guangzhou and is anticipated that a major part of its business is executed there, the focus of the research will need to happen in that area. Additionally, to grasp the whole overviews of the shoe industry in China, Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing should also be considered.

  1. Main content of project study

6.1 Type of people to include in the survey (for one city)

As the survey shall not only include information from the end consumers and target audience, the following list of people shall be included in the survey:

6.1.1 consumers (who have actually bought the company’s shoes; choosing 120 people for one city)

6.1.2 prospects (who could potentially buy the company’s shoes in future; choosing 120 people for one city)

6.1.3 distributors and agents of the company (depending on the amount of

distributors; choosing 15 people for one city)

6.1.4 industry insiders (choosing 15 people for one city)

6.2 Brand testing

6.2.1 General image of the brand to the customers comments on the pronunciation of the brand comments about visual/phonetics of the brand

6.2.2 characteristics of the brand

6.2.3 means of the brand

6.2.4 The perceiving to the price of shoes under the brand

6.2.5 competitive ability for the brand

6.3 consumers research

6.3.1 basic information of the consumers types of the consumers age of consumers incomes of consumers

6.3.2 Habits of buying shoes Frequency of buy shoes Sites wherein the shoes will be purchased preference to the price of the shoe preference for the types of shoes Reasons for purchasing shoes Reasons for purchasing which brand

6.3.3 The factors for deciding to buy shoes (ranked by importance) design of the shoes price of the shoes comfort of the shoes material used of the shoes color diversity of the shoes brand name or image

6.3.4 perceiving and comments for the company’s shoes How do people get aware of the company’s shoes? The reasons for choosing the company’s shoes The reasons for choosing a competitor’s product Need/demand of company’s customer to fulfill their expectations in order to become a loyal customer

  • Service
  • Product
  • After sales
  • Others How competent, friendly and knowledgeable is the sales person in the store or the office employee of the company on the phone of the after-sales

department? Online situation

What shall the company’s website provide the consumer, the customer retailers, sales persons? Etc The places in which the consumers like to buy the shoes

  • Boutiques
  • Shopping malls
  • Internet
  • Others The tool suitable for the company to serve the brand to keep the consumers attracted

  • Club Membership
  • Others






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