Leslie Corporation is a leading snacks manufacturer in the Philippines and has plans on entering the China market. Leslie Corporation has identified Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as possible entry points. The market research will contain two objectives: Evaluate feasibility of market entry and Assess the market acceptability of the products With the commitment of Leslie Corporation, making a thorough investigation and analysis for feasibility of market entry and market acceptability of the products.

Leslie Corporation Feasibility Study of Market Entry

6.Research Contents

6.1 Investment environment Analysis

6.1.1 Cultural and Social Environment

6.1.2 Political and Legal Environment Packaging and Labeling Regulations Sanitary Regulations Marketing Regulations Pricing and Trademark Regulations

6.1.3 Economic Environment Economic Conditions GDP Savings Rate in Economic Condition Business Style

6.1.4 Technological Environment Current Household Technology Transport Technology Packaging Technology Technology in Appliances

6.1.5 Competitive Environment

6.1.6 Favorable regulations towards foreign capital made by government in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

6.2 Research on Snack food industry

6.2.1 Industry Definition

6.2.2 The characteristics of snack food industry

6.2.3 The subsection of snack food industry (includes following manufacturers) Savory snacks Packaged Salted Snacks potato chips corn chips pretzels extruded cheese snacks seed snacks

6.2.4 Competition structure of snack food industry Degree of centralization of snack food industry Main competitor among the industry

6.2.5 The value chain analysis of snack food industry

6.2.6 Profit structure of the industry

6.2.7 The entry barriers of snack food industry

6.2.8 Development status of snack food industry

6.2.9 Development trends of snack food industry

6.3 Market analysis for snack food of different subsections in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou (focusing on Savory snacks and Packaged Salted Snacks.)

6.3.1 Analysis on market demand General volume of demand on different types of snack food

  • Demand volume of snack food as Savory snacks
  • Demand volume of snack food as Packaged Salted Snacks The characteristics of demanding

6.3.2 Analysis on market supply on different types of snack food Main manufactures Production capacities

6.3.3 Market size of snack food in three cities Market size of snack food in Shanghai Market size of snack food in Beijing Market size of snack food in Guangzhou

6.3.4 Analysis on market trend

6.3.5 Distribution conditions of snack food Structure

  • Distribution Channels
  • Channel Efficiency
  • Intensity of Distribution Main distributors

6.4 Analysis on main competitors in snack food industry (6 competitors, two in each city of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou)

6.4.1 Basic information Location Contact methods

6.4.2 Operation style Joint-Venture Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise Other Way

6.4.3 Products information The types of products Price of the products Quality of the products

6.4.4 Market share

6.4.5 Strategy of Marketing and Sales

6.4.6 SWOT analysis

6.5 usage and attitudes of consumers towards snack foods (Choosing 600 consumers, 200 for each city of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.)

6.5.1 the basic information about consumers

6.5.2 the usage of consumers towards snack foods brand preference the preference to category of snack foods consuming volume of snack foods the preference flavor of snack foods which kind of snack foods is usually consumed the price of most flavored snack foods where to buy the snack food how much to buy each time

6.6 Development strategy

6.6.1 Target Market Analysis Demographics

  • Population of Target Market
  • Eating Trends Psychographics Benefits Sought

  • Desire for Healthy Snacks
  • Ingredients to Enhance
  • Low Fat Products
  • Convenience Geography

  • Physical Accessibility
  • Population Density
  • Age Structure
  • Climate

6.6.2 Target market choosing

6.6.3 Sales and marketing strategy Products Pricing Distribution Promotion

6.7 Sensory test on two brands

This test will be conducted in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou






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