Through wide market research, government policy and rules, market condition, and the competitors’ information will be put forward to Roche Diagnostics, so that Roche Diagnostics will have sufficient information about the opportunities and risks about its investment in China.

Diagnostics and Biomedical market research for Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

  1. Research Contents

6.1 Industry Research

6.1.1 Industry Definition

6.1.2 Market Situation

6.1.3 Impact of China’s entry into the WTO

6.1.4 Trend

6.2 Government Administration

6.2.1 Supervising Organization

6.2.2 Approving Procedures

6.2.3 Government Policy and Rules

6.2.4 Patent Protection

6.2.5 Trend of the policy making

6.3 Competitor Survey (total 28 competitors as required)

6.3.1 Company Background (about when, where and which field the competitors invested in)

6.3.2 Investment (about the investment amount and investment field)

6.3.3 Operation Style (about which style the competitors invested through, such as JV, WOFE, or the other way)

6.3.4 The last 3 years’ Business Organization Revenue Expense Profit Logistic and Distribution Channel

6.3.5 Strategy and Trend

6.4 Advice

6.4.1 Location

6.4.2 Investment Investment Field Investment Amount

6.4.3 Operation style Joint-Venture Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise Other Way

6.4.4 Strategy of Marketing and Sales

  1. Data Collection Methods
  • Depth Interviews
  • Executive Interviewing
  • Secondary Data Collection
  1. Project Working Period

20 Working Days

  1. Report Form
  • PowerPoint Form for Research Report;
  • Providing Survey Data to Consignor for its Own Research;
  • According to Consignor’s Demand, Researchers Can Make Special Report.






工作时间:周一至周五 9:30-18:30