Based on analyses and studies of China’s plastic piping market, Goldstone deems it advisable for vendors to focus on the following fields: PE/PB hot water supply piping materials in combination with intelligent temperature controlling systems; materials for special purposes and relating technical services; fittings of varied specifications with super compatibility, aiming at occupying the market through technological superiority; close attention should be paid to the development of the water supply and drainage sectors. And companies strong enough are advised to implement integration.


PVC-U enjoys an early development and application in China than other materials and also a large volume of production and consumption. It features excellent performance of anticorrosion, aging resistance and flame retardance, and is mainly used as water drainage and supply pipe, electric threading tubes, agricultural water drainage pipe and chemical anti-erosion pipe. It one of the materials with largest consumption in the plastic piping industry.On entering the 21st century and with the profound changes in China’s economy, the consumption level and demand structure will witness great changes. And it has become the most cherished goal of the Chinese people to seek higher living quality, improve the working and living environments, lower the power consumption and achieve sustainable development after the problem of subsistence has been successfully resolved. Chemical building materials, with plastic piping as a major product, is in the very compliance with this shift, and consequently enjoy significant social and economic benefits.

Based on the national directional regulations for the development of chemical building materials and plastic piping, we can come to the conclusion that the current macro law and policy environment has greatly promoted the production and application of chemical building materials and plastic products, while guiding and regulating the market.The technological environment comprises production technologies of plastic pipelines, fittings production technologies, installation and application technologies and the corresponding production management system. All the 4 aspects referred above have their impact on the quality and application of the plastic piping in engineering projects.

Chemical building materials take organic synthetic macromolecule materials as the main raw material. They are the backbone of new building materials and feature low power consumption in production, high anticorrosion performance, ease of installation and light deadweight. Furthermore, they can improve the performance and quality of buildings, improve habitation environment, save resources and protect the environment. Thus, they have significant social and economic benefits and were widely adopted by developed countries as early as in the middle and late 20 century.Plastic piping features lower power and material consumption, environment friendliness, improving habitation environment, improving building performance and quality, lowering the deadweight of the building and ease of installation. So, in the place of traditional building materials such as steel and wood, plastic piping is widely used in today’s living and industrial fields, particularly the construction industry. It has taken deep roots in the fields such as water supply and drainage, fuel gas delivery, ground heating, hot water supply and air-conditioning system and has become the mainstream of the development of China’s building piping industry.






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