By investigating and researching the internal and abroad battery market, analyzing market situation of supply, demand, competition and consumers, We will adjust and perfect the brand developing strategy and marketing strategy of Delph, promote the brand image of “Delph”, enhance its business core competence and economic benefit, optimize Delph’s resource configuration, and build up firm market basis for its internal continuous and long-term development.

Strategy consulting of brand development for Shanghai Delph International Battery Co.,Ltd.

  1. Research Contents

6.1 Industry Research

6.1.1 Environment Analysis Economy and Technology Environment Law and Policy Environment

6.1.2 Industry Orientation Industry Features Relative Industry

6.1.3 Industry Current Situation Demand Situation Supply Situation Industry Development

6.1.4 General Factors of Products Category Market Scale Market increase Life Circle of Products Marketing Composition

6.1.5 Competitive Factors Industry Concentration Degree Purchasers’ and Suppliers’ Strengths Confronting Situation

6.2 Battery Competitors Research (one main competitor)

6.2.1 Evaluating Competitors’ Current Objective

6.2.2 Evaluating Competitors’ Current Strategy

6.2.3 Competitive Products Analysis Products and Target Market Distribution Channels and Sales Promotions

6.2.4 Evaluating Competitors’ Capability Design and Producing Power Marketing and Management Ability

6.2.5 Anticipating Competitors’ Future Strategy

6.3 Individual Battery Consumer Research (200 samples in each of the three cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou)

6.3.1 Product Purchasers and Users Product Purchasers Product Users

6.3.2 Product use

6.3.3 Product type

6.3.4 Purchase Site

6.3.5 Purchase Time

6.3.6 Purchase Decision

6.3.7 Customers Value Function Features Pre-sale, Mid-sale and Post-sale Service Brand Value

  • Brand Fame Degree
  • Quality Recognition Degree
  • Quality Association
  • Brand Image
  • Brand fidelity

6.3.8 Repetitive Purchase Satisfaction Degree Purchase Purpose

6.3.9 Sensitivity to Marketing Compositive Elements Product Price Distribution Sales Promotion Services

6.4 Battery Enterprise Consumer Research (Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM)

6.4.1 Enterprise Background

6.4.2 Battery Use and Demand

6.4.3 Battery Purchase Decision and Mode

6.4.4 Sensitivity to Marketing Compositive Elements

6.4.5 Enterprise Satisfaction Degree of Battery Quality

6.4.6 Enterprise Satisfaction Degree of Battery Price

6.4.7 Enterprise Satisfaction Degree of Battery delivery

6.4.8 Enterprise Satisfaction Degree of Battery Producer relationship

6.5 Market Subdivision

6.5.1 Market Subdivision

6.5.2 Evaluating Subdivided Market

6.6 Delphi Enterprise Research

6.6.1 Product and Market status

6.6.2 Design and Producing Power

6.6.3 Marketing and Management Ability

6.6.4 SWOT Analysis

6.7        Brand Operating Tactic of Delph

6.7.1 Scheme Tactic of Brand Identification System Establishing Brand Identification

  • Determining Brand Identification Resource
  • Product
  • Symbol
  • Class Origin
  • Dissemination
  • Brand Identification Model Selection
  • Leo Burnett’s Four Quadrants Model
  • eCRM’s Brand Identification Model Time Management of Brand Identification

  • Time Management Model of Brand Identification
  • Maintaining Brand Everlasting Vigor
  • Revising Brand Identification Opportune Moment

6.7.2 Design Tactic of Brand Symbol Structure Brand Name Analysis Brand Symbol Structure Design Design Tactic of Brand Token Originality of Brand Identification Sentence

6.7.3 Selecting Tactic of Brand Orientation and Brand Particularity Brand Orientation Decision Driving Brand Particularity

6.7.4 Accumulative Tactic of Brand Assets Establishing Brand Fame Degree Establishing Brand Reorganization Degree Creating Brand Association Maintaining Brand Fidelity Degree

6.7.5 Brand Expanding Tactic Brand Expanding Decision Product Line Expanding Decision Dissemination Tactic of Brand Category

6.8 Delphi’s Marketing Strategy

6.8.1 Product Objective

6.8.2 Selective Strategy Scheme

6.8.3 Determining Target Market

6.8.4 Determining Target Competitors

6.8.5 Selective core Strategy (Product Orientation)

6.8.6 Sustaining Marketing Composition Product Tactic Price Tactic Channel Tactic Sales Promotion Tactic Service Tactic

  1. Data Collection Methods
  • Depth Interviews
  • Executive Interviewing
  • Secondary Data Collection






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